We developped one of the most complete training program for dancers in Europe.


This without a doubt is the most important pillar of a dancer’s career: their regularity in the training, the steady learning of the technique, movement and choreography.

The regular lessons will help to keep and develop the technicity, physical condition, memory, reactivity, artistic approach, etc.

A typical week


We established a diverse schedule which will notably use the following dance classes :

6 hours per week of Classical/ Ballet

5 hours per week of Urban/ Fusion

4 hours per week of Contemporary

2 hours per week of Modern.

For the creative approach and the approach of multiple choreographies works with the professors and guest choreographers:

1 hour 30 of creative work improvement

3 hours of workshops (international and national teachers) - Option Contemporary or Option Urban (students will choose)

For the following part “physical condition and muscles training” as well as flexibility and alignment:

1hour 30 of Yoga

2 hours streching and/or Pilates


For the theorical training

1 hours 30 of Theorical classes

- History of dance and choreography

- Chorology

- Staging

- Career Management

- Anatomy

- Stress management

- Nutrition


Each week the program includes two hours of Master Class.

Renowned professors are invited, once or several times a year, to convey their version and their interpretation dancing as well as their choreographic work.


These are multiple opportunities to broaden the approach of dance, and to discover a more particular work.

We are convinced that being versatile is of paramount importance today for dancers.

You have to know how to learn and understand quickly, how to adapt and react to the demands of a choreographer or a director.


These masterclasses are therefore an opportunity to try a multitude of different styles and techniques.



Being able to work with renowned choreographers, immersed for a week, is a unique chance to follow a creative process and dance the pieces of big names in the choreography.


We organize these unique weeks five times a year "The choreographic weeks".

The result of these weeks of work will be presented at the Gala for the end of year of Ways and punctually at events or festivals.


The work of the choreographer will be directed only for the students of Ways, 5 to 6 hours a day, all the week, to arrive at a unique creation.


The choreographers present for the 2019-2020 season are not the least.



Every Sunday we organize three hours of workshops and open classes with international teachers.

We are convinced that it is the diversity of teaching that can build the artistic identity of each.


These workshops are either "Modern & Contemporary" or "Hip Hop & Urban".

They are included in an intensive dancer training program and thus allow the development of a social approach and group work.

Aujourd'hui, un danseur se doit d'être son propre gestionnaire il doit être polyvalent, curieux et créatif.

Occupational & Professional integration


For the training to be complete it cannot be confined to dance studios and teaching.

Professional experience will play a key role in developing a career after training.


In partnership with Belgian dancer agencies, we occasionally offer jobs and various opportunities as dancers to our students.


The occasion of:

- Work in a professional setting

- Meet the requirements of a director

- Respect working hours

- To gain experience

- Discover different ways to work

Professional projects can be varied. They are often punctual and will of course be the subject of a schedule adjustment within Ways and regular courses.


These may include opportunities such as:

- Events

- Festivals

- Artists

- Publicity

- Etc.


Always in the definite desire to propose a complete program, the training includes the development of the cultural approach.

Again established through partnerships with different Belgian cultural structures, students will have the chance to attend, several times a year, shows and performances, choreographic or not, repetitions of companies, etc.


A unique opportunity to broaden your vision and approach the world of entertainment and immerse yourself in the current cultural world. At every level of course!

stage contact

The professional opportunites are for our students a great way to approach their carreer after Ways.


Finally, to complete the training program, students will be invited to present their work on stage at various events, including the Ways Gala.

At this Gala they will present the result of the five weeks of work with the invited choreographers, and possibly more personal projects.


These representations are also opportunities to approach the scene in multiple forms and in front of different audiences.

- Festivals
- Meetings
- Public rehearsals
- Etc...



Ways is not an end in itself. On the contrary, the training must be the beginning of a fabulous artistic career.


We therefore encourage our dancers to audition and present their work.


Each year we organize an international casting that brings together some of the largest dancing and entertainment companies in the world.

- AMCK London
- BLOC Los Angeles
- Le Cirque du Soleil Montreal

- Move Agence Montreal
- BNS Entertainement


With years of experience in the field of dance and culture in Europe, we also put our relationships at stake to help support international contacts and guide our students.


Working with your body is an ambitious project.

The dancer must know how it works, their anatomy and their injuries.

Just as it must be able to be treated in case of problems.


We therefore regularly involve sports practitioners to answer the questions and problems of our students.


Whether physical or diet, which is of crucial importance for the proper

development of the body.


We support all the personal projects of our students and invite them to do as much as possible.

Knowing the need to create projects and opportunities we will always be present as counsellors and lead our students, even after they have moved from Ways.


During the year they will be invited to submit creative and collaborative projects, personal or in groups, as well as to present different courses on cultural themes.