Dance studies program for dancers.



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Back with years of experience as a teacher and choreographer for multiple graduate schools in dancing and choreography all over the world, I wanted to create a new professional program for dancers.


In collaboration with the executive management from Ways, we developed a new complete training program with a multi-faceted approach.

Our desire is to train further than technique.

Our world and the dancing industry are evolving constantly, the dancer has to be versatile, smart and with solid dance foundations.

I am convinced that learning dance, in a lesson, is important, but it is not enough to get the right foundations that is required to build up an artist career.

We want to train accomplished artists able of using their bodies to reach the top of their art.

Ways is a complete program in one, two or three years which will give the opportunity to young aspiring dancers to train and assimilate themselves in the professional world with as much gains as possible.


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1,2 or 3 years program

We conceived a complete program bringing together steady work, scenic performances, working with renowned choreographers, castings for the best international agencies, conventions, etc.

All these activities have the goal to improve the technique and the dance, but also to learn a lifestyle and workstyle unique to the dancer. To understand and manage their career, to develop their own personal projects, etc...

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Regular Classes

This is for sure the most important pillar of a dancer’s career: their regularity in the training, the steady learning of the technique, movement and choreography.

Cours de danse
International Guests

Every Sunday we organize three hours of workshops and open classes with international teachers.

We are convinced that the diversity of teachin can help building the artistic identity of each.

Master classes
Master Classes

Each week the program includes two hours of Master Class.

Renowned teachers are invited, once or several times a year, to share and teacher their vision of dance and choreography.

Occupational integration

In partnership with Belgian dancers' agencies and shows productions, we occasionally offer jobs and various opportunities as dancers to our students.

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Guest Choreographers

Being able to work with renowned choreographers, immersed for a week, is a unique chance to follow a creative process and to perform unique choreographies on stage !

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Access to culture

As a part of this really complete program, the training includes the 
access to museum, performances, rehearsals, artists meeting,  etc...


Each year we organize international castings that brings together some of the largest dancing and entertainment companies in the world.


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Health & Nutrition

Working with your body is not that easy.

The dancer should learn how it works, their anatomy and their injuries.

Just as we provide support of physioterapists, nutrionists, ....

Performance de danse
Stage Experience

Students will present their work and the choreographies they learned with the guest choreographers on stage, every year.

The most complete dance studies in Europe.