About us

Ways is a complete program in one, two or three years that will give the opportunity to dancers to train and  to get into the professional dance industry with as much qualities as possible.

Our world and the dancing industry are evolving constantly, the dancer has to be versatile, smart and with solid artist foundations.

Our studies for dancers

We want to train accomplished artists able of using their bodies to dance and to reach the summit of their art.


Ways is a complete program in one, two or three years which that will give the opportunity to dancers to train and to get themselves into the professional scene.

We conceived a complete program bringing together steady work, scenic performances, working with renowned choreographers and teachers, castings for the best international agencies, conventions, etc.

All these activities have the goal to improve the technique and the dance, but also to learn a lifestyle and workstyle unique to the dancer, to understand and manage their career, to develop their own personal project, etc.

Our focus is and will always be directed towards our students and their development through art. Each dance, each artist, is very different from one another, so our teachers are very careful about adapting their teaching methods to support their personal artistic development.

Our program helps our students to develop themselves as:
- Dancer
- Artist / Maker

- Entrepreneur

- Interpreter

As well as regular dance classes, students will get the chance to learn theory classes : 

- Anatomy

- Health

- History

- Choreology

- Management

- Etc...


Direction artistique

Jeremy Lepine

Coordination Artistique

Sandrine Balleux
Informations Guide

Find all the important informations & more in our Ways Informations Guide 2020.


You can easily download it here !


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Our mission

create multiple opportunities to broaden the approach of dance

Creative Potential:


Personal development of the artistic identity, of the creative approach of the dance.

To know how to imagine and put in motion their interpretation, to develop their relationship with art and expressiveness.


Technical Potential:


Understand your body and know how to use it properly and concretely. Adapt to different techniques and understand them quickly.

To be able to learn and interpret any kind of choreographic work

Manage your career:


To be able to establish oneself as an artist, dancer, teacher, choreographer. Develop opportunities and know how to respond to solicitations.

To have ethics in their work and their organization.


Development potential:


Build your desire for personal development. Become an artistic entrepreneur and feed their thirst for projects, learning, etc.